Tips and Tricks

The Sault Ste. Marie Building Permit Services website aims to provide an easy-to-use tool with the right amount of information and functionality to assist all types of builders engaged in projects in Sault Ste. Marie.

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You don't need to login or create an account to book an inspection.

Anyone with access to your permit number and inspection booking key can schedule building inspections using this website. This gives contractors and subcontractors the ability to use this system without needing assistance from the permit applicant.

Inspection results however, are only available to the permit applicant.

Companies with multiple people applying for building permits have a couple options to share permit access.

Logged in users can only see inspection results for building permits where they are the permit applicant. This means that your account on this website must match the email address on the building permit itself. If two or more people applying for permits using their personal email addresses, each of those people would require their own accounts to view inspection results.

An option for companies is to use a more generic, company-wide building permit email address, like permits@my-company.ex. Then, only one account would be necessary to manage the company's building permits.

There is a second option for companies that have staff email addresses all the same company domain name, like:

  • dave@my-company.ex ;
  • alice@my-company.ex ;
  • nancy@my-company.ex .

An authorized representative of the company can request that the company's domain name, my-company.ex, be given a contractor domain name status. This is an opt-in feature. Once enabled, all accounts with email addresses at the contractor domain name will see all building permits with applicants at the same domain name.